About Us

We, at pH Solutions, believe in doing the right thing at the right time. Our team comprises of highly skilled software professionals who know perfectly well that efficiency, dedication and perfection is what leads to success. The directors of pH Solutions, having a well endowed experience of more than 15 years, are our guiding stars that most others would crave to have.

The first phase of www.markmydeal.com is our way to ensure that our users get the best of what is available over the internet. It is our attempt to reduce the user effort in searching hundreds of sites for a particular product. We bring to our users the lowest price being offered for a product so that it shortens their shopping time.

The succeeding phases of markmydeal.com will make available many more offers, deals and promotions to our users, wherein the search for the product will not be restricted to the internet but a wide variety of options will be made available for an enhanced user experience.

So keep shopping and we promise to keep you happy!